On Tuesday, Lila Finney stood outside the FoodChange West Harlem Community Kitchen on West 116th Street, dressed as if she might be going to Sunday services. As she does every month, the retired postal worker waited patiently with her push-cart, smiling under a fancy hat that blocked no sun – it was cloudy – and listening for her name to be called from a list. Soon it was, and Finney, 66, emerged from the food pantry five minutes later, her cart full of cereal boxes, canned soups, and fresh vegetables.

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By Nadja Drost

When Martha Anaya was eight years old, she was toiling away in the fields under a Mexican sun hotter than the chilies she was harvesting. Continue Reading »

By Nadja Drost

In November, it’s Our Lady of Divine Providence. December is saved for Lady Guadalupe. January celebrates Santo Niño. And so it goes at St. Cecilia’s Church in East Harlem, where barely a month goes by before the congregation is celebrating another holiday for a revered saint. Continue Reading »

More than 35 people from various sections of Harlem attended a Harlem Townhall meeting entitled, “Keeping the Pressure on the Harlem Politicians” last Thursday.
The meeting was hosted by the Harlem Tenants Council and was their second of four meetings this month.
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At 2190, white fish crackles in oil, a rotating electric fan barely dissipating the humid air. At 2194, four hands weave new hair into old at furious speed, Ivorian music playing in the background. At 2204, religious pictures line a sleek modern office, light pouring into the large windows. And at 2198, sales agents show potential customers floor plans for luxury apartments.

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Person on the Street

East Harlem — Persons on 103rd street were asked the following question yesterday:

“If you were mayor of NYC for the day, what is the first thing you would do?”

Dolores Rivera 07i_3481-version-2-1.jpg 07i_3487-version-2-1.jpg 07i_3491-version-2-1.jpg

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Block Party

East Harlem — New York City recorded 2,996 block parties last year.

Residents at 104th and Lexington streets enjoy a block party on Aug. 25.

Carlos, a local resident, Blake, of 107th street, and “Steady”, of the Bronx, discuss the possibilities for the future of the neighborhood.