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Amateur Night

Just before 7:30 p.m., the Green Room was tense.

Amanda Goris, a pudgy 11-year-old from Queens, sucked down honey from a squeezable plastic jar. “It helps the melody come out all beautiful,” she said. The teenage girls from Fully Focused, a dance group from Brooklyn, were putting on their “door-knockers” – massive triangle-shaped fake-gold earrings – and neon yellow and pink Reeboks, squealing with excitement and lip-syncing in front of full-length mirrors. “Fully focused!” one yelled, jumping in the air. In the back, Shaniece Ford adjusted the padding in her strapless turquoise dress, singing along to a portable CD player, her eyes closed.

Abruptly, a voice and music cracked through the large, white-walled room’s speakers, a live feed from the stage. “Welcome to Harlem USA! The world famous Apollo Theater!” a voice boomed over a band and applause. “It’s show time baby!” (more…)


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