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East Harlem — Persons on 103rd street were asked the following question yesterday:

“If you were mayor of NYC for the day, what is the first thing you would do?”

Dolores Rivera 07i_3481-version-2-1.jpg 07i_3487-version-2-1.jpg 07i_3491-version-2-1.jpg

Their ideas after the jump. (more…)

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Block Party

East Harlem — New York City recorded 2,996 block parties last year.

Residents at 104th and Lexington streets enjoy a block party on Aug. 25.

Carlos, a local resident, Blake, of 107th street, and “Steady”, of the Bronx, discuss the possibilities for the future of the neighborhood.

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Citizen Canine

West Harlem (Morningside Heights) — Dog walker Marcelo Guido, from Brazil, leads us through his day on Aug. 16.

[Headline credit: Professor Sig Gissler]

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